About Us


Country Club Jewelers was founded in 1972.
Built on the principle of providing excellent service for our valued customers.
We have grown thru the years thanks to their referrals and repeat business.

Design the jewelry of your dreams. Bring in an idea or a picture and we can create your beautiful new piece. Using family precious stones with memories we can create a new modern piece to fit your personality. Computer-aided drafting (CAD) shows you in detail a picture to ensure your original design before we finish the piece.

Country Club Jewelers store with a simple yet groundbreaking vision: to make fine jewelry accessible to everybody. We remain committed to creating quality jewellery for our customers to cherish for a lifetime.

From 1972 til now and into our future, one constant underpins all that we do: we’re for love.

Bespoke design

Need a little help turning your dream into a reality? Or do you already have your ideal ring and would like to make a few custom changes to make it the perfect piece?


Turn jewellery you just don’t wear anymore into something more modern or more to your taste. Remodelling will allow you to make something that you’ll love to be seen with.


Repairs big or small are welcome at Country Club Jewelers. Let us repair and restore your favourite broken pieces and bring them back to their true beauty.

What do we do?

Since the beginning of our label in 1972, we proudly handcraft each item to order here in our Country Club Jewelers store. We are the jewellers behind our own designs, we know our products are made ethically & responsibly.

Our aim is to create fine jewellery that is unique as you are.

Designs that bring joy to each wearer and can be styled in countless ways.

How We Design

With many years of experience, our jewellery designers know how to design your engagement ring in a way that ensures that it will last a lifetime, and they have an eye for what is aesthetically pleasing. The most rewarding and enjoyable thing about handcrafting jewellery is that you become part of the process, ensuring that when it comes to crafting your ring, we go the extra mile and spend whatever time is required to achieve a perfect result. We have strict minimum tolerances to ensure the structural integrity of your ring, and we have a thorough quality control process that all our jewellery goes through. In short, at every stage, quality is our number one priority, leaving you with a one of a kind piece that will be cherished by your partner and the generations to come.

History Of Us

Country Club Jewelers was established in Fullerton, US in 1972, from a desire to create high quality, must-have, timeless jewellery at an affordable price.

With an emphasis on modernity & refined beauty, we aim to make pieces that create a connection with our wearer, to be lived in & loved.

Why You Choose Us ?

Country Club Jewelers offer 1st class customer service to help guide you along the engagement ring process. We will take the time to get to know you and your style to ensure you have the perfect ring to suit the bride to be.
Country Club Jewelers is a second generation jewellery house founded by our passion for unique, personal and exceptional quality jewellery. Our background in manufacturing means that we have generations of experience in making the highest quality pieces, designed to last for generations of love and affection. Country Club Jewelers was founded as a way for us to create a connection with the people who love and wear our jewellery, and the memories that our designs come to represent. We believe that jewellery is personal, sentimental and emotional.

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